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You need to meet people and not pay for it. According to online articles, only 6% of all online singles are actual paying customers. That means even if you are a paying customer, only 6 out of 100 singles can actually reply you back due to their limited free memberships.

I created this website as a design challenge and intent to keep it as a totally free dating site to meet people.

Here is What you get for Free!

1. Online Dating Profile
2. Posting Photos
3. Searching other singles
4. Contacting other singles
5. Chance to meet other people

Yes, everything is free and there is no catch. This website is completely funded by advertisements and online users pay nothing!  My goal is to provide a free personals website to everyone, so enjoy it! 
Create a profile, add a photo & that's it!

Search Tools

You can easy locate other online singles using our quick search tool.
Our online dating site, you can search by:
   1. Within a range of a US. Zip code
   2. Within a range of a US. City
   3. Within a specific City/Country
   4. Age Range
   5. Only singles with photos

Advanced Search Options include:
Body Type, Eye color, Hair color, Religion, Personality, Income, etc..

Free Messaging Tool

Messages are free whether you are sending or receiving them. All messages are secure so recipient will not see your email unless you choose to disclose it in your message. However; we recommend not to include any of your contact information in your messages untill you decide to meet that person.

Only singles with photos can use the messaging feature.

About Online Dating websites.

Finding a no cost singles service to meet people can be a real pain. Almost all sites advertise as free but only few of them actually are. As a result was created to serve public as a free dating site where singles could find, communicate and meet with each other without any fees.

Most single people know finding and meeting the right person can be very difficult. As a result most turn to internet to find their dream match. They instantly find themselves surrounded by web sites advertising as ‘FREE’. Once they try couple of them, they realize what free means.

Users end up wasting countless hours online, signing up to dating sites to meet people that are supposed to be no cost. Once they locate a good match and try to make contact, most get the typical warning(Only full members can send messages). Unfortunately free profiles are only good for looking at people, not contacting them. This is a common occurance among %90 of all dating sites which advertise as free. By the time people realize they can’t do much with the free membership; it is too late and they end up becoming another profile so that the site can advertise as having millions of members.

What is worse is according to some online dating industry articles, only %6 of all online singles are actual paying customers. Those are very bad odds for all members. Problem is even if you are a paying customer, you don’t know if the person you are contacting is a limited free profile or a full member. Since only full members can send messages, only 6 out 100 singles will be able to reply back. This is not a good thing for paying members since most of their messages will be wasted on limited members with no chance of a reply. I tbelieve meeting people should be easier than this.

TownsBestSingles was created so that people do not waste a lot of time registering to these sites where they can't do anything but look at pretty pictures. The goal was to make the site easy to use, fast, and above all completely free. A dating site that is quick, easy and free is what most singles are looking for. This web site gives users features such as searching, photos, and secure two way communication and all that at no cost.

8/11/2007 Anti Spam Security feature has been added! We now track/display actual country of origin from each profile's IP Address. You can identify dishonest singles by comparing their profile location vs. the country where their internet connection is from.

7/3/07 - My Favorites feature has been added for your use!  You can save a list of your favorite singles for easy access

1/21/06 - Profile Block feature has been added for your use! 

A new BLOCK button has been added to your message reading pane. When clicked, sender will no longer be able to send you messages.

Optionally you can see/modify a list of all blocked users using "Blocked User List" in My Account page.
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