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Fighting against Dating Scams 

TownsBestSingles.com is fighting scam with Geo Location and IP Logging!

Scam and fake profiles are a common problem among dating sites especially if the site is free. Anyone who would like to meet another person can join to my dating site, this also includes dishonest people that are trying to scam other legitimate singles.

Most of these scammers are trying to get you to send money and most are from Africa and other 3rd world countries and they mostly lie in their profile and put their location as a U.S City so they appear on U.S searches. In almost any other dating site, the profile location is what they specify in their account and there is no way to know if they are really from where they said they are.

I have noticed and deleted many profiles that were scammers and finally come up with a way tolet my users know the origin of each profile so they don't get scammed. This is not 100% guarantee but it reduced the scamming activity quite a bit. The way I decided to fight these scammers were to show users their real location along with their profile location. I had to a lot of research and programming but I was able to find a way to tie an IP Address to a GeoLocation and do this suing freely available databases. The way it works is everytime a user signs on to my site, I will try to check their IP address and do a database lookup of the country that IP belongs to. I then save this country in their profile as the last logged in location.

Once I have the country of the IP address saved in to their profile, this information is displayed to all other users who are looking at this profile. This is why you will see to locations for each profile. 
  • Living In: City, State, Country
    This is the location that to user saves in their profile. This works just like any other dating site, you tell us your location when you register and we display it on your profile so other users can locate you within your vicinty.

  • Last logged in from:  COUNTRY
    HThis is the anti-scam feature that I programmed in to help you verify if a profile is legit. This will display the country the user last logged in from. If the profile says "Living in: Boston, MA" but the Last logged in from shows "NIGERIA", it is almost certain the profile is a scammer. They are logging in to this site from Nigeria not from USA.
  • Is the Geo-location anti-scam feature 100% accurate?
    Absolutely NOT, There are always ways to hide or alter your ip address so you can look like you are from USA but most scammers are not technical enough or wont go in to that much trouble just to sign on to this site. They rather just try another dating site that has no anti-scam feature. Use your common sense and never send any money to anyone no matter what they claim.
Remember, anti-scam feature is just another tool to help you decide whether a profile is legitimate or not. It is not a replacement for common sense so use your best judgement. If a profiles "living in" and "Last logged in" locations do not match then you know there is something fishy about it.