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Finding a free web page can be real pain. Good options are limited since most sites advertise as free but only few actually are free.

If you are living the life of “painfully single”, you know that finding the right person can be difficult. Hey wait you say, there is the internet thing, I'll just google it, find a site and start corresponding with other singles right? Wrong!

First of all most of the free dating site ads you see are just a gimmick. If you read the fine lines, most of them are free to register but not free to contact or reply others. A free dating site is pretty useless if you can't contact others without paying a free. A lot of sites use this technique to increase their profile count. Even though they might have thousands or millions of profiles, how many of them actually are full members.

That’s exactly what most users do and end up wasting countless hours online signing up to dating sites that were supposed to be free. You sign up, click on search, find a profile, click on the message icon and you get the dreaded message. “You need to be a full member to send or reply messages”. Unfortunately your free profile is only good for looking at people, not contacting them. This seems to be an epidemic among %90 of all dating sites. Most advertise as 100% Free but by the time you realize you can’t do much with your free membership; it is too late. You just became the profile number one million and one in their ad campaign.

What is worse is according to some online articles about online dating industry; only %6 of all online profiles are actual paying members. The odds don’t look that great for paying or free members with that percentage. Problem is even if you are a paying customer, you don’t know if the person you are contacting is a limited free profile or a full member. Since free members can’t reply your messages, only 6 out of 100 profiles can reply you back. Those are pretty bad odds, especially if you are paying a monthly fee.

Knowing these facts and wasting a lot of time registering to these sites where I couldn’t do anything but look at pretty pictures, I decided to help the public by creating a dating site for people like me. My goal was to make it QUICK, Make it EASY & Make it FREE Just some basic search capability, photos, and have a way of tow way communication. That’s what was looking for when I designed TownsBestSingles.com. A dating site that is QUICK, EASY & FREE.

Finally TownsBestSingles.com is ready and people are slowly finding my site and registering it. At least you know that anyone you contact can actually reply you back unlike with most other sites. Like I say: Love is free, why pay for it?

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